Kai Wagner | Partnership Development
Jolocom | Germany

Kai Wagner, Partnership Development, Jolocom

"Self Sovereign Identity: learnings from the Belgian Blockchain on the move project and ambitions from the European Self Sovereign Identity Framework"
Giving citizens and coorporations back the control on their data/identity is one of the main ambitions of the self sovereign identity concept. In this session we will explore this new paradigm and share the learnings of the Belgian Blockchain on the move project where the different governments did the first tests with self sovereign identity and blockchain. We will also highlight the next steps including a public-private collaboration and alignment with the European/Global initiatives. 

One of these initiatives is the European Self Sovereign Identity Framework (ESSIF) that will be built as a new building block by the different EU member states. In this session we will share the first steps and results of the new ESSIF and explain how this can related to other existing building blocks like eIDAS and provide a new way of the 'once only' principle. 

Kai Wagner is responsible for partnership development at Jolocom, a Berlin based self-sovereign identity startup that has been active in the decentralization space since 2014. He is excited about the potential of open and interoperable infrastructure for the decentralized Web and frequently shares his perspective at events and workshops. In addition to his work at Jolocom, Kai serves as a Director on the board of INATBA, the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (inatba.org). He is further active in the German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock) where he is working on digital identity standardization and data privacy. Just last October, Bundesblock published a comprehensive introduction to Self-Sovereign Identity, a position paper to which he contributed as lead author (bit.ly/ssipaper).


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last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT
last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT

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