Jaume DUBOIS | Identity Systems Specialist
Thales | France

Jaume DUBOIS, Identity Systems Specialist, Thales

Jaume Dubois is an identity solutions specialist, in charge of definition of Unique Identity and Identity Management solutions at Thales, a leader notably in Identity, Biometrics and Security.
Jaume has a strong field experience in direction of large identity system programs for government such as ID cards, Health cards, electronic Passports, or Border Control systems in Latin America and African countries, which has made him a specialist of complex solutions in the Biometrics and Identity field.
Graduated in Software Engineering and certified PRINCE 2, from his past experience as R&D Manager in China and Area manager for Projects and Support in Latin America, he has acquired large multicultural management skills and has built local organizations to support systems operations.
Jaume is now contributing to definition of the new generation of identity systems with objective to succeed in the challenge of “identification for all” having in mind sustainability, accessibility and security aspects.
As member of Secure Identity Alliance ID4All, Biometrics and OSIA Workgroups, he is actively contributing to the development of interoperability in Identity ecosystems and the democratization of Biometrics for Civil usage.


Identity Week London 2020 - Day 1 @ 10:25

Panel: Fit for Purpose Identity Infrastructures

- Foundational Identity- Civil Registration- Inclusive Identity
last published: 21/Oct/20 13:55 GMT
last published: 21/Oct/20 13:55 GMT
last published: 21/Oct/20 13:55 GMT

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