Janice Kephart | Chief Executive Officer
Identity Strategy Partners | United States

Janice Kephart, Chief Executive Officer, Identity Strategy Partners

Janice Kephart is a leading biometric and identity expert having testified before the UN Security Council and the US Congress on 19 times upon conclusion of her position as border counsel to the 9/11 Commission where she recommended biometric borders, founded the term 'terrorist travel' and the phrase "we must assure that people are who they say they are." 
Janice won the 2015 Women in Biometrics Award, one of five women from over 50 nominated. She was MorphoTrak’s (now Idemia) Homeland Security Director prior to founding Identity Strategy Partners (IdSP), of which she is CEO. IdSP supports the US State Department on next generation identity management development and deployment, and directly supports the US Department of Defense on next generation identity management architecture, acquisition, program management and stakeholder engagement and identity intelligence services. Kephart's nonprofit, Identity Strategy International, supports assessments associated with the United Nations' Legal Identity for Everyone 2030.


Identity Week London 2020 - Day 3 @ 15:30

The next generation US DoD ABIS: Improving identity management and information and watch list sharing with partner nations

The US Department of Defense has prioritized identity information sharing with partner nations. However, before sharing can take place, the identity management capabilities must be in place, and standards and policies for interoperability met. Leading the way for improved information and watch list sharing is the next generation identity management architecture approved by DoD's PM Biometrics office. To help assure improved information sharing, a key element is that the underlying architecture of an identity management system must be constructed in a manner conducive to the highest assurance possible that disparate identity data is creating an accurate "identity," especially when that identity is used proactively to establish a security risk or access to government services.
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last published: 05/Mar/20 10:45 GMT
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