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Jakob Dam Glynstrup, Head Of Centre, Danish National ID Centre

Jakob Dam Glynstrup is head of the Danish National ID Centre, which is an independent expert centre whose objective is to strengthen the security and control efforts within the immigration field. The Centre has a primary focus on advising and assisting Danish authorities regarding questions of identity determination and ID control of foreign nationals. One of the means of solving this task is performed by the centers biometric unit, whose task it is to assist and advise the Danish immigration authorities with complex identity resolution cases by conducting fingerprint identification and facial image comparison at a forensic level.


Identity Week London 2020 - Day 3 @ 11:20

The use of biometrics within the Danish Immigration Authorities

This presentation will explain and discuss the recent developments regarding the use of biometrics for identification purposes, as part of an overall national strategy to ensure better control efforts in the immigration sector. As an independent expert centre under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration, the Danish National ID Centre is tasked with ensuring a better degree of control measures regarding the identification of foreign citizens applying for residence in Denmark or of foreign citizens already residing in Denmark.As of May 2019, the centre established a biometric team to support the Danish Immigration authorities with the establishment of the biometric identities of foreign citizens through facial image comparison and fingerprint identification. The Centre is currently the only national authority capable of conducting a facial image comparison in Denmark, and has, in cooperation with the different Danish immigration authorities, served in an advisory capacity regarding the establishment of standards and guidelines for the capture of biometrics and the attached biographic data, as well as the establishment of common quality standards, which will enable the authorities to use biometrics in a responsible and ethically sound manner throughout the entire immigration process.
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