Hans Constandt | Digital Health Expert

Hans Constandt, Digital Health Expert, FAQIR

Hans is a passionate entrepreneur on a mission to democratise access to data and AI as he strongly believes data can save lives. Hans has a background in medical, molecular biology, software engineering, data analytics, and drug discovery. Hans is on a mission to unlock the value of healthcare and life sciences data to help patients and enable preventive care. Hans is a tech geek with special interest in bigdata at work, knowledge graphs, analytics, AI, ML... 

Creativity are worthless if it  doesn't get into creation and Hans has started and scaled a data science company in healthcare as a founding ceo - chief everything officer - Hans understands the art of fundraising, growing teams globally, setting up and driving sales and marketing. Hans is now mentoring startups and scale-ups and also acts as angel investor, and starting a new digital health venture soon.


IDW 2021 Day 1 @ 17:00

Panel: Developing effective health credentials towards opening up society post-pandemic

  • How can verified health data be stored securely on mobile devices?
  • Design for privacy and security of data
  • International cooperation and interoperability of credentials
  • Evaluating current offerings of health credentials and the path ahead
  • How will these credentials be used post-pandemic?
last published: 22/Sep/21 21:55 GMT

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