Franck Germain | VP Marketing Group

Franck Germain, VP Marketing Group, Linxens

As VP Marketing of Linxens, Franck is responsible for developing and delivering strategic marketing plans for existing and next generation of products and solutions.

He leads the activity of our team of marketing managers specialized in the various market segments in which Linxens operates. He coordinates marketing activities with those of R&D and Sales in order to analyse new trends, anticipate technological evolutions and identify new needs in terms of secure connections for Smart Cards markets and beyond.

Prior to his current position, Franck held various engineering and product marketing positions for major automotive and electronics companies.

Franck is a graduate of CESA Marketing Management from HEC, as well as a graduate of Science and Engineering of Materials from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Caen, France.


IDW 2021 Day 1 @ 16:40

Advancement in ID technologies: Harnessing the potential of national identification using biometrics and RFID

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