Emmanuel Kpakpo Brown | Senior Officer, Card Production
National Identification Authority | Ghana

Emmanuel Kpakpo Brown, Senior Officer, Card Production, National Identification Authority

Digital:ID - Day 1: Government Digital Identity Showcase
"Government Identity Programmes in West Africa - Ghana in Perspective"

The African continent is currently embracing and embarking upon many digital identification programmes, giving a feeling of a region on a mission to make up time and opportunity lost during the past 20th century.
Ghana - one of the 15 West African States have launched several government digital identity programmes in the areas of national ID, Voters ID, Driver and Vehicle licence, healthcare, passport, social security and national insurance etc; resulting in strong and consistent improvements in the Government-to-People (G2P) services.
There are several inherent implementation challenges we need to explore in addition to the high potential success prospects for these programmes in Ghana.

Emmanuel Kpakpo Brown has almost a decade of professional Biometrics and Identity Management expertise and he is currently the Senior Officer - Card Production, with the National Identification Authority (NIA), Ghana. 
He is a certified Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and Identity Cards Production Systems (ICPS) expert and has supervised the successful personalization of over 3,000,000 biometric national identity cards for Ghanaians and plays a pivotal role in the on-going Ghana national e-ID implementation project.          
He joined the NIA after 5 years of work as an Assistant Statistician and Head of Printing & Publications Section at the Ghana Statistical Service and offering six months consultancy service for the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN-FAO) under the project, CountrySTAT-Ghana as the National Communications Consultant.
 Brown’s profound passion towards the attainment of SDG 16.9, especially in Ghana and Africa as a whole was recognized by the reputable Executive Committee of ID4Africa, hence his appointment as the Ambassador, ID4Africa – Ghana for the fourth consecutive term running since 2016.


Day 1 @ 13:50

Grand Designs: Identity in Action

Governments are increasingly introducing digital identity programmes to interact with their citizens. Hear about major projects governments are launching and how they’ve brought them from development to implementation as well as the challenges faced along the way and what the future holds.

Day 3 @ 09:55

Panel Discussion - Personalisation and Issuance - What's Next?

last published: 23/May/19 14:05 GMT
last published: 23/May/19 14:05 GMT

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