Duncan Faulkner | Fellow - Security Documents
Bundesdruckerei GmbH | Germany

Duncan Faulkner, Fellow - Security Documents, Bundesdruckerei GmbH

The current focus of Duncans’ work is facilitating and guiding the varying internal and external stakeholders involved in the creation, development, production and roll out of the security documents that the Bundesdruckerei, which is the Federal State Security Printer of Germany, produces for its national and international customers. Duncan started his career after graduating from Warwick University by training executives in sales and management skills before moving into the IT and multimedia fields. Following the opportunity to move to Germany just after the wall came down and becoming a German citizen, he has worked at the Bundesdruckerei for over 20 years in varying departments and positions gaining a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the security document industry. Prior to promotion to his current position, he was a subject matter expert on document design and was head of the product management department responsible for all the security documents produced at the Bundesdruckerei. Over the years, Duncan has been invited to advise a number of different national and international government entities regarding security documents and since 2014 has been part of the German Delegation to the EU Article 6 Committee and Expert Subgroup for visas and residence permit issues. He and his partners have been proud to be able to help us all stay ahead of the counterfeiters and forgers, whose actions make our work protecting identity so vital to the way our society is able to successfully function.


Identity Week London 2020 - Day 3 @ 09:55

Panel: Innovations in Security Printing

With the global security printing market expected to be worth nearly £30bn by 2024, panellists will consider how the latest innovations are shaping security printing, including how documents with more complex features can be produced on a short production time, and best solutions for documents to be compliant in interacting with smart devices.
last published: 13/Nov/20 10:35 GMT
last published: 13/Nov/20 10:35 GMT
last published: 13/Nov/20 10:35 GMT

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