Anette Bayer Forsingdal | Senior Program Specialist
International Development Research Centre | Canada

Anette Bayer Forsingdal, Senior Program Specialist, International Development Research Centre

Anette Bayer Forsingdal is a Senior Program Specialist with the Centre of Excellence for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems, housed at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). Prior to her appointment, she was Director for the National Population Register, Identification and Production Directorate under the Department of Civil Registration, Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration in Namibia, where she worked for 9 years.  During her tenure, she led many successful reform projects, including the opening of hospital-based facilities and the introduction of a new integrated and web-based National Population Registration System (NPRS), hosting all civil records under one demographic profile. She holds a Master’s degree in History and a Bachelor’s degree in History and Sociology from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark


Identity Week London 2020 - Day 1 @ 10:10

Panel: Fit for Purpose Identity Infrastructures

While the concept of a legal identity has been around for hundreds of years, new models are continuing to emerge, and challenges around identity inclusion still exist. To what extent has technology helped drive civil registration, and how can the identity community best work together to build on existing infrastructure?
last published: 13/Nov/20 10:35 GMT
last published: 13/Nov/20 10:35 GMT
last published: 13/Nov/20 10:35 GMT

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