Ales Koprivc | Head Of It Solutions
CETIS d.d. | Slovenia

Ales Koprivc, Head Of It Solutions, CETIS d.d.

Aleš Koprivc, Head of IT Solutions at CETIS, one of the leading European companies in security printing documents and solutions, joined the company in 2006. His team created a unique modular e-Government software platform for more efficient and secure identity management and stricter identity control. 
Aleš is involved in all phases of the projects, from the design until the final implementation, including consultancy, support and training of local staff. With a thorough knowledge of customers’ needs, Aleš is able to swiftly adapt and provide them with tailor-made solutions integrated into existing systems.
The CETIS modular eGovernment platform can help any country in the world establish comprehensive turnkey e-Government solutions for identity management and document issuance for modernisation of public administration. The platform consists of several modules, such as data enrolment, data management, AFIS, personalisation solutions, public key infrastructure (PKI), document issuance, and central registers as well as payment and smart verification. It ensures secure, transparent, fast and user-friendly identity management and efficiently connects government authorities with citizens and enterprises.

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