Adam Desmond | Country Manager
Mitek Systems

Adam Desmond, Country Manager, Mitek Systems

Adam Desmond is the UK&I Country Lead at Mitek Systems. With over seven years experience in identity, his last four years has been dedicated to document authentication and ID proofing tech. Adam partners with fintech’s and tier one banks to build out customer led identity solutions across the region, passionate about creating beautiful customer IDV experiences and helping to implement best practicefor both digital and 'phydigital'journeys.


IDW 2021 Day 1 @ 11:50

Roundtable 5: Where do multi modal face and voice biometrics fit in the consumer journey?

Lunch is included

IDW 2021 Day 1 @ 17:00

Panel: Biometrics and accessing the future

  • Exploring future potential of biometrics modalities including finger, face and iris
  • Evaluating development in comfort and ease of use in biometrics
  • Assessing biometrics applications in verticals
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