Aaron Beeson | Director of Innovation
ANA Aeroportos de Portugal | Portugal

Aaron Beeson, Director of Innovation, ANA Aeroportos de Portugal

Aaron Beeson is the Director of Innovation for ANA Aeroportos de Portugal and is also responsible for the Smart Terminal Innovation Centre of Excellence across Vinci Airports. Leading the innovation roadmap and activities across the 10 Portuguese airports requires a diverse subject matter focus and solution set to map with the business opportunities and challenges the group is presented with. Prior to joining ANA, he gathered an extensive international experience with a particular focus on identity management, border security and aviation security topics. He has been based in Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Oman and now in Portugal working on transformational and innovative projects. The multi-cultural opportunities provide a unique experience and insight into change management and enablement leveraging international best practice applied at the local level.


Identity Week London 2020 - Day 2 @ 15:55

Panel: Enabling a Seamless End-to-End Passenger Journey

While COVID-19 has dramatically altered the travel industry landscape, and it has become clearer than ever that biometrics will play a vital role in getting the world moving again. Panellists will explore what is being done to build on existing work to ensure a seamless end-to-end experience for passengers.
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last published: 13/Nov/20 10:35 GMT
last published: 13/Nov/20 10:35 GMT

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