Rajeshkumar | ePassport Expert and ISO Representative
Independent | Singapore

Rajeshkumar, ePassport Expert and ISO Representative, Independent

Mr. Rajeshkumar is the Singapore representative to ISO SC17/WG3 and is currently the editor of Doc 9303 – part 12 (Public Key Infrastructure for MRTDs) and project editor of the upcoming specifications of the Digital Travel Credentials (DTC). He is an active participant in both of the ICAO working groups, the New Technologies Working Group (NTWG) and the Implementation and Capacity Building Working Group (ICBWG). He is a member of the sub-group of ICBWG examining non-compliant travel documents, focusing on issues related to ePassports and/or the digital PKI certificates associated with ePassports. He is the Chief Executive of Auctorizium Pte Ltd, a company based in Singapore specializing in solutions for ePassport PKI and the validation of ePassports.


Identity Week London 2020 - Day 2 @ 16:10

The ICAO Digital Travel Credential

Identity Week London 2020 - Day 2 @ 17:05

Panel: Virtual Passports - Feasible or Fantasy?

An estimated 120 countries now deploy ePassports, and the idea of a completely virtual passport has been around for a while, but how close are we to achieving this? This panel focuses on progress made so far, and how to address the barriers for virtual passports.
last published: 05/Mar/20 10:45 GMT
last published: 05/Mar/20 10:45 GMT
last published: 05/Mar/20 10:45 GMT

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