Fastboss is a Digital Assistant platform for businesses. It helps generate by voice any routine document on the go. The main asset of the cross-platform is the mobile application helping generate by voice, sign, and send documents. The mobile app will support business processes like team management, reporting, notifications about the team business engagement and deliverables, document management and document storage. The assistant helps the Boss faster find information in documents, manage, prioritize the team tasks, and have live control over the entire company using mobile devices. Also, any employee will have their digital assistant helping them when they have to document a transaction, being far from the office. The assistant follows the team to ensure smooth task management and deliver live reports about the work status to the superiors.

The Fastboss Cross-Platform includes:

1. Template builder

2. Documents automation and company structuration for visibility and accesses

3. Mobile App with Voice Digital Assistant empowered with Artificial Intelligence

4. CRM with general directories: Customers, Partners, Products, Services

5. Promo Catalogs for attachments

6. Available cloud for templates, documents, and corporate information

7. Signature tool to collect signatures from customers

8. Task management tool

9. Advanced Elastic Search tool

10. Security enhancements

11. Available in 7 languages: En, Fr, De, Es, It, Ru, Ro

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