1.  Go to www.swapcard.com
2.  Top right - Log in as a Participant 
3.  Enter the email you used to reigster for Identity Week
4.  Create own password
5.  Wait 15-20mins - the link will be sent to your email
2. Wait 15-20 minutes - you will be sent an email from Identity Week (hello@swapcard.com), follow the link in the email to access the platform. Do check your others folder.
  • To access the platform, you have to use a recent browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • The link sent from swapcard will take you to your default browser. If this isn’t Chrome or Mozilla, you will need to, right click on the link, copy the link, paste into Chrome or Mozilla browser.




Swapcard: a leading platform for virtual events

For our event, we've chosen Swapcard as the event platform. Swapcard is an award-winning advanced AI powered matchmaking, networking and conference platform that will help us create as close the opportunities to the LIVE event as we can, and even more.

Swapcard explained in 90 Seconds


Login instructions

Please note: Only registered attendees can access the platform. It may take up to 1 hour to complete your registration.

When the platform is ready for you to log in, you automatically receive an email from hello@swapcard.com which will take you through to the event. Please make sure this address is added to your safe sender list because you will also be notified about meeting requests etc.

Alternatively, once registered using your unique link, you can go to https://www.swapcard.com/ and click on log in as participant. It will ask you to put in your email and create your own password.

Login issues

Trouble logging in? Don't panic, there is always a solution ... please try the below:

  • Make sure you try multiple browsers ( Google Chrome is preferred). Please note, Swapcard does not support IE or Edge
  • Have you tried the mobile app, if your desktop version isn’t working?
  • Have you tried logging in and out? It sounds cliché but it is simple and sometimes effective when Swapcard is having a temporary glitch. 
  • Do you keep getting the 'we have sent you an email' but you never receive it? This could be due to your company proxy/firewall settings blocking Swapcard emails. Please contact your IT department and in the meantime, send us over your personal email.

General support:

I need help setting up my profile

Please access our profile support hub to find answers for:


How to request a meeting & make Video Calls



Your Exhibition Booth

Think of your exhibition booth as your dedicated landing page at the event. Features included: 

  • Video banner: You can add a video as the banner of the exhibitor profile. The video can be live or pre-recorded.
  • Company details, information and social media accounts.
  • Meetings: Attendees can request meetings and video calls with the exhibitor page or directly with an exhibitor member.
  • Products: The exhibitor profile showcases the products and services the company offers.
  • Sessions: Exhibitors sponsoring or speaking in a session will have the sessions attached to their profile.
  • Documents: Exhibitors can add documents and links to their profile (pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, png, jpg or external links)
  • Team members: Attendees can see and contact the team members of each exhibitor company.

Exhibitor & Sponsor Landing Page Setup guide

Quick Overview

Full walk through