Linda Van Horn | President & Chief Executive Officer
iShare Medical

Linda Van Horn, President & Chief Executive Officer, iShare Medical

Linda Van Horn is the President/CEO of iShare Medical. iShare Medical simplifies the sharing, consolidation, and analysis of medical records for patients, providers, payers, and devices (IOT) and provides them secure access to a patient's complete, shareable, continuously updated lifetime medical record so they can realize the true power of nationwide interoperability.
iShare Medical’s software is based on three health IT pillars Digital Identity, Interoperability, and a Learning Health System that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning (e.g. trained neural networks) to automate workflows and analyze medical records to help providers to detect, prevent, and treat diseases sooner resulting in improved care, better health outcomes, and reduced cost.
iShare Medical is EHNAC Accredited for Privacy and Security, a DirectTrust Accredited Trust Anchor Health Information Services Provider, and EHNAC Accredited at a Trusted Network Accreditation Program Qualified Health Information Network (TNAP-QHIN).
Ms. Van Horn is serial entrepreneur who has had a previous successful healthcare exit. Linda was recently named in Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 52 Women-Led Startups. Ms. Van Horn currently serves on the Executive Board of non-profit DirectTrust and is a voting member of four DirectTrust ANSI Standards Consensus Bodies including:
1) The Direct Standard;
2) Trusted Instant Messaging Plus;
3) Event Notifications via Direct Standard; and the
4) Privacy-Enhancing Health Record Locator Service.
Her prior experience includes Founder, 21st Century Edge, a leading edge healthcare consulting firm, Co-Founder The Pain Institute a medical practice that she grew to have 22 locations in two states in 5 years and then successfully exited, and Senior Manager IT Consulting at Deloitte. Linda has previously also served as the Chairman of the American Red Cross Great Gatsby Gala and President of the Kentucky Medical Group Management Association.
She is the author of two textbooks, 1) Building a Successful Pain Management Practice: The Keys to Getting Paid; and 2) Building a Successful Pain Management Practice: The Keys to Effective Strategy Formation and Marketing.
Linda has a BS in Computer Science and MBA from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri.


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