Heather Dahl | Chief Executive Officer

Heather Dahl, Chief Executive Officer, Indicio

Heather C. Dahl is Co-founder and CEO of Indicio, the market leader in developing Trusted Digital Ecosystems to verify and exchange high-value information using verifiable credentials. Under her leadership, she has driven the company’s growth strategy, overseeing the successful launch of the Indicio Network, the leading distributed network for identity while expanding Indicio’s customers and guiding product development that includes Proven™, the first complete market product for implementing and scaling open-source decentralized identity. Heather is a long-time champion for privacy-preserving cybersecurity technologies, and advises governments and global NGOs on decentralized identity applications. Heather holds graduate degrees from Columbia and Johns Hopkins, and did her undergraduate studies at Willamette.


Identity Week America 2022 Day 1 @ 11:00

Identity is everything - TRACK 4

Decentralized Identity is more than verifying the identity of an individual. At its essence, this technology is most valuable when it is used to identify the trustworthiness of any given data point by virtue of its authenticity and integrity. By deploying verifiable credentials in a Trusted Digital Ecosystem, businesses, the public sector, and even entire industries now have the ability to positively identify and repeatedly verify any given data point using the inherent trust and immutability of the blockchain ledger. Join Heather Dahl as she looks at the evolution of this rapidly advancing landscape and how it is uprooting the traditional view of digital identity.

Identity Week America 2022 Day 1 @ 11:20

Panel Discussion: Is the future of digital identity decentralized? - TRACK 4

  • Blockchain, decentralized identity and the future of privacy.
  • Regulation, technology and trust frameworks.
  • Harnessing disruptive technological innovation.

Identity Week America 2022 Day 1 @ 16:00

Digital Identity Governance - Balancing Trust and Privacy - TRACK 1

  • Balancing privacy and control
  • Interoperability and standards across digital identity ecosystems
  • Training and certification of Digital Identity professionals and services
  • Do we need formal legal frameworks?
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