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  6th August:  8:30am - 5:00pm
7th August:  8:30am - 3:00pm 


The Identity Expo congress brings together digital, risk and fraud professionals from Federal and State government, alongside private sector industry leaders, to discuss issues and projects around ID management, trust frameworks, access & authentication, online vs physical security, privacy, passports, drivers’ licences, biometrics, facial recognition, fraud detection, cards and payments.

If you are involved in evaluating, purchasing or implementing technology within your department or organisation, then this is where you can:


  Meet with over 150+ exhibitors demonstrating the most advanced technologies driving ICT initiatives at all levels of government
  Attend FREE seminar sessions where you can hear from world leading solution providers

Understand which ICT products and services can help you achieve cost savings and improve effectiveness




  • Using digital ID as a key enabler of improved e-Government services
  • Finding ways to improve user experience (UX) and user interface during the identification process
  • Understanding the impact and consequences of digital ID on government and business
  • Building collaboration and innovation between Government and the private sector
  • Understanding the latest trends and developments in ID management solutions
  • Building online trust and improving the management of access and authentication
  • Agreeing on new standards and interoperability
  • Comparing and learning from international vs local case studies
  • Analysing new business opportunities, challenges and threats surrounding new ID schemes
  • Reviewing new mobile drivers’ licence trials and developments
  • Making online access and payments more simple and secure
  • Discussing new uses, trends and developments in biometrics
  • Latest e-Passport trials
  • Understanding how new digital ID solutions can improve risk and compliance management
  • Overcoming privacy concerns
  • Insight into the Government’s new Govpass solution
  • Insight into Australia Post’s Digital iD solution and ….understanding alternative solutions




Identity Summit & Expo


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