The Big Idea

Nationally and internationally, governments are embracing the idea of digital identity as a key enabler of improved service delivery.
Equally, data is increasingly seen as the engine of service transformation – open data, big data, data analytics, and so on.
The challenge is now using identity data to enable the provision of better services.
The Digital Transformation Agency’s new my GovID digital identity, previously referred to as Govpass, is central to Australia’s digital services future.
The 2018 federal budget included $92.4 million to accelerate the Digital Transformation Agency’s decentralised identity framework. In October 2018, the federal government launched its first pilot based on the digital identity platform, one of eight pilots that will be conducted over the next nine months.
There are already some good examples of digital identity schemes (Canada, NZ, France, Singapore and India) driving adoption of identity services around the world, and the Identity Conference and Expo is a unique forum in which to learn from overseas’ examples, and to join the conversation between government and private sector in creating innovative and seamless identity solutions.
In addition, several states have rolled out mobile drivers’ licensing schemes, and biometric facial recognition and identification technology has already been implemented in Australia as well as many countries across the world. There is a groundswell of interest about new ID technology and increased possibilities and opportunities surrounding new ID management solutions.
The arrival of Open Banking is forcing banks to revisit their online payment and authentication approaches and technologies while providing a secure and seamless customer experience.

Identity is the cornerstone of digital transformation
With customer experience now paramount in delivering online services, being able to offer a seamless, intuitive, secure identity verification process will be key.
Protecting online identity assets is critical in an environment that is moving increasingly towards electronically stored data, biometric data and digital government documents.
The idea is to provide users with a better way to prove what needs to be known about them to obtain the required service, and to establish trust, reduce fraud and streamline services and online payments. There are necessarily many different players involved from government as well as the private sector. Innovation and collaboration between all stakeholders is vital. The idea of a large-scale open source, decentralised ID scheme has created a fresh batch of challenges, threats, privacy concerns, public-private partnerships, and of course new business opportunities.


About The Identity Expo

The Identity Conference and Expo is the largest conference and expo for digital identity in Australia, co-located with Australia’s largest and longest running annual ICT in government event: the 13th Annual Technology in Government Expo and the Cyber Security in Government Conference. Together these are the leading series of events for organisations interested in the latest ICT developments and challenges impacting federal, state and local government.
The Identity Conference and Expo aims to explore the bigger questions underpinning digital identity and the roll out of digital identity in Australia.
It will consider the theme of ‘identity as data’ and convene key thinkers in industry from around the world.





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