Regis Bauchiere, General Manager, Identity Services, Australia Post

Regis Bauchiere | General Manager, Identity Services | Australia Post » speaking at IdentityExpo

Gary Blair, CEO, Imali

Gary Blair | CEO | Imali » speaking at IdentityExpo

James Bligh, Data61 CSIRO

James Bligh |  | Data61 CSIRO » speaking at IdentityExpo

Lindsay Boulton, Assistant Governor Business Services, Reserve Bank of Australia

Lindsay Boulton | Assistant Governor Business Services | Reserve Bank of Australia » speaking at IdentityExpo

Nick Byrne, Co-Founder and CEO, TypeHuman

Nick Byrne | Co-Founder and CEO | TypeHuman » speaking at IdentityExpo

Joanne Cooper, MD & Founder, ID Exchange

Rachel Dixon, Privacy and Data Security Deputy Commissioner, Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner

Katryna Dow, CEO And Founder, Meeco

Allan Foster, Founder, ForgeRock

Allan Foster | Founder | ForgeRock » speaking at IdentityExpo

Annabel Griffin, Partner, King & Wood Mallesons SJ Berwin

Annabel Griffin | Partner | King & Wood Mallesons SJ Berwin » speaking at IdentityExpo

Fergus Hanson, Head of the International Cyber Policy Centre, Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Fergus Hanson | Head of the International Cyber Policy Centre | Australian Strategic Policy Institute » speaking at IdentityExpo

Oliver Lauterwein, Sales Director, Digidentity

Oliver Lauterwein | Sales Director | Digidentity » speaking at IdentityExpo

Cindy Nicholson, CEO & Managing Director, Braintree

Cindy Nicholson | CEO & Managing Director | Braintree » speaking at IdentityExpo

Stephen Pratt, Managing Director, Kurz Australia Pty Limited

Stephen Pratt | Managing Director | Kurz Australia Pty Limited » speaking at IdentityExpo

Ches Rafferty, MD, ScanTek Solution Pty Limited

Ches Rafferty | MD | ScanTek Solution Pty Limited » speaking at IdentityExpo

Jonathon Thorpe, Head of Digital Identity, Digital Transformation Agency

Jonathon Thorpe | Head of Digital Identity | Digital Transformation Agency » speaking at IdentityExpo

Justin Warren, Managing Director, Pivotnine

Justin Warren | Managing Director | Pivotnine » speaking at IdentityExpo