Regis Bauchiere, General Manager, Identity Services, Australia Post

Regis Bauchiere | General Manager, Identity Services | Australia Post » speaking at IdentityExpo

Gary Blair, CEO, Imali

Gary Blair | CEO | Imali » speaking at IdentityExpo

James Bligh, Data61 CSIRO

James Bligh |  | Data61 CSIRO » speaking at IdentityExpo

Lindsay Boulton, Assistant Governor Business Services, Reserve Bank of Australia

Lindsay Boulton | Assistant Governor Business Services | Reserve Bank of Australia » speaking at IdentityExpo

Nick Byrne, Co-Founder and CEO, Typehuman

Nick Byrne | Co-Founder and CEO | Typehuman » speaking at IdentityExpo

Rachel Dixon, Privacy and Data Security Deputy Commissioner, Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner

Katryna Dow, CEO And Founder, Meeco

Allan Foster, Founder, ForgeRock

Annabel Griffin, Partner, King & Wood Mallesons

Annabel Griffin | Partner | King & Wood Mallesons » speaking at IdentityExpo

Fergus Hanson, Head of the International Cyber Policy Centre, Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Fergus Hanson | Head of the International Cyber Policy Centre | Australian Strategic Policy Institute » speaking at IdentityExpo

Oliver Lauterwein, Sales Director, Digidentity

Oliver Lauterwein | Sales Director | Digidentity » speaking at IdentityExpo

Cindy Nicholson, CEO & Managing Director, Braintree

Cindy Nicholson | CEO & Managing Director | Braintree » speaking at IdentityExpo

Stephen Pratt, Managing Director, Kurz Australia

Stephen Pratt | Managing Director | Kurz Australia » speaking at IdentityExpo

Ches Rafferty, MD, ScanTek

Ches Rafferty | MD | ScanTek » speaking at IdentityExpo

Jonathon Thorpe, Head of Digital Identity, Digital Transformation Agency

Jonathon Thorpe | Head of Digital Identity | Digital Transformation Agency » speaking at IdentityExpo

Justin Warren, Managing Director, Pivotnine

Justin Warren | Managing Director | Pivotnine » speaking at IdentityExpo