Weronika Figueiredo | Co-founder

Weronika Figueiredo, Co-founder, Doinn

Multilingual and multicultural, Weronika was born in Poland and moved to Portugal after finishing her master's degrees. 
She started her professional career in Jeronimo Martins, a Portuguese multinational operating in the food distribution sector. Throughout her 8 year stint there, she worked in marketing, communications and corporate social responsibility. In 2014, she decided to launch her own business, and after a brief trial and error period, she joined Doinn and helped to build it as a company, a brand and a team. Doinn is a housekeeping platform with a focus on short and medium-term rentals, operating in 90 cities across Europe in Spain, Portugal and, since 2019, the United Kingdom. Today, Weronika combines her extensive experience with her passion for the sector, leading the charge for Doinn's ambitious plans for international growth.


Day 1 @ 14:35

New wave property management and maintenance solutions

last published: 17/Oct/19 13:45 GMT

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