Simon Bennett | Owner
Augill Castle

Simon Bennett, Owner, Augill Castle

Simon Bennett and his wife Wendy have owned a run Augill Castle for twenty one years. Today it is a boutique country house hosting weddings, corporate groups, families and visitors from around the globe with an ever-expanding reach thanks to the internet. It wasn’t always like that, their first guests responded to a two line classified ad in the Daily Telegraph which accounted for pretty much their entire launch marketing budget.

Running any hotel today has evolved dramatically as the online marketplace has expanded, often faster than most independent hotels can keep up. Revenue management is a discipline which, if it did exist in 1997 hadn’t spawned a whole sub-industry. Now it underpins the operation. But despite the technology and the dizzying array of routes to market, Simon and Wendy stick to their core beliefs that people buy people and it's the simple things done well - good beds, fine linen, decent showers, deep baths, great food and above all authentic, genuine hospitality, that hold sway in a hyper-competitive world.


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