Marc Figueras | Co-Founder

Marc Figueras, Co-Founder, KeyNest

Back in 2016 my friend Florian and I were renting out our homes on Airbnb, but we found that guests arriving late could make things difficult. I’d ask my local cafe to hold my keys for my Airbnb guests, and that’s what gave us the idea for KeyNest - a network of cafes, newsagents and independent businesses where Airbnb hosts can store their keys for their guests. Since we launched with ten London locations in 2016 we’ve grown to a UK-wide network of 1500 stores, with 400,000+ guests checked in to date and a key dropped off or collected across our network every minute. In 2017 we became the first UK official partner of Airbnb through the Host Assist programme, and last year we launched our first stores in Paris. We’re looking forward to expanding KeyNest further outside of the UK this year to Italy, Spain and Portugal.


Day 1 @ 13:20

How to automate your check-ins and manage your keys remotely

last published: 17/Oct/19 13:45 GMT

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