Elisabeth Kohlbach | CEO & Cofounder

Elisabeth Kohlbach, CEO & Cofounder, Skwire

LLM, MBA, property lover. Used big data for a search engine to predict what fashion will be in hot demand and scaled up their operations to 4X revenue while running short-term lets on the side. Realised I could use the same big data, tech-first approach to source and operate the best short-term let properties and founded Skwire to prove it. Skwire won two start up competitions and attracted funding in its first six months, launched the first investment product six months after and deployed the first funds three months after that. Investors looking for hands-off, high-yield, diversified investments - look no further!


Day 1 @ 11:20

Fundamentals of buy-to-host investment

last published: 17/Oct/19 13:45 GMT

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