Christian De Boer | Managing Director
Jaya House River Park

Christian De Boer, Managing Director, Jaya House River Park

A single bottle with a lifespan of only three years, can replace as many as 4,380 plastic bottles. It’s no joke that every individual can do their part to help reduce waste. As MD of Jaya Park River House, a 26-room boutique in Siem Reap Christian founded #RefillNOTLandfill to tackle exactly this problem, and is calling upon other hospitality professionals to do so. Since its inception 16 months ago, Refill not Landfill has been responsible for saving 1.2 million plastic bottles. Hotels, restaurants and other companies simply provide branded bottles and there are refill stations throughout the country that are identified on a map. From an initial launch location in Siem Reap, the program expanded to other cities in Cambodia, including Phnom Phen, as well as in Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar.

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