Ever had a tourist ask your concierge what to do in the destination, where to go around the hotel? Yes happens all the time. Today concierge takes out a paper map and circles points of interest on it. Tomorrow you can provide them with a full digital guide.
SmartGuide turns every phone into a personal guide. Our B2B2C platform provides attractions, hotels and other partners with the easiest way to digitize their guide content. We publish it as an interactive app that uses geolocation, audio and Augmented Reality to guide travelers like a live guide. SmartGuide provides a more engaging and convenient guide experience to travelers than traditional guides and revolutionizes how people experience new places during their travels. 
We have guides for over 300 destinations, serve as the official guide from the city of Prague to Harvard and work with a number of B2B partners, including hotels and transportation companies. We are can digitize your concierge travel recommendations as well.



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