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The Marlin App is changing recruitment – completely.

Technology has developed so much in recent years but some industries like recruitment haven’t adapted themselves at all. Marlin is on a quest to change that with technology and transparency, and we’re starting with hospitality.

Think of the last time you hired staff… Perhaps you used a middleman, placed an ad on a jobs board or searched on LinkedIn? Chances are you would have been inundated with candidates, many of whom were unsuitable. What about if you had a platform that was easy-to-use and, by selecting a few key criteria, were shown a number of candidates you could contact directly to discuss your job opportunity?

Marlin is a community of great hospitality talent that employers can access directly for a low monthly fee. No more job adverts, no more agency fees and no more trawling through social media. Instead hospitality professionals get contacted by hotels, restaurants, event companies and private households directly about suitable roles. The Marlin App puts the employer in the driving seat allowing them to contact the candidates that they want to speak to.

We’re revolutionizing the industry by making things simple, and we’re confident you’ll agree!



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