Keeping track of all the keys to your properties can be a real headache!  Keyzapp is there to put you back in control. You can easily track keys as they pass from your key cabinet to the people who need them; be they greeters, guests, cleaners or maintenance contractors.

It works by simply tapping the contactless smart fobs to your phone or desktop scanner.  Use it to instantly identify keys, or transfer custody to another person.  As keys move from your key safe to the different key holders, you’ll see who has them in real-time.

Keys not back on time?  Keyzapp sends reminders to chase them home automatically, saving you time and effort every day, whilst ensuring that no key is forgotten.

“We especially like the search feature, which means we can look up person, property or key details in a heartbeat.” – Quirin Schwaighofer, MadeComfy Australia.



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