A Smart Health Solution for Tourism. When travelling find your doctor in your smartphone. Wait for the doctor and enjoy hospitality.
Our company developed an application that allows to call a doctor to your hotel during your holiday. Our service is available 24/7 and meets your needs of consulting a doctor in the comfort of your accommodation room.
Our aim is to find a doctor when tourists get sick during their holidays.
Being in a foreign country/region, not speaking the native language and being ill are constraints for which our application can help by finding a doctor to go and treat the patient at the accommodation.
Our advantage is to promptly identify a doctor who is available to go and examine the patient/tourist at the place where he/she is staying, by distance and specialty.
The tourist who is sick can comfortably wait for the doctor in his/her room, without having to go to the hospital or a health clinic, avoiding, this way, long and stressful queues in the waiting rooms of these institutions.
We are innovating in the support to the tourists, breaking with the traditional method, introducing an innovative/disruptive tool that allows an effective and quick RESPONSE in medical assistance to TOURISTS



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