Reflective Measurement Systems


Reflective Measurement Systems provide technologies to enable road authorities and road asset maintenance managers to improve road safety and reduce their operating and maintenance costs. They provide more efficient and intelligent visibility measurement systems to assess road marking and sign conditions, essential for the safe operation of vehicles with ADAS and Autonomous vehicles. This innovative Irish company has a proven track record in the road industry and offers global world-class customer support.


The RetroTek-D is the most advanced vehicle mounted road marking condition assessment technology in the world. Operational day & night, it assesses the day visibility (day contrast) & night visibility (retroreflectivity) of all road markings across the road lane travelled in one pass, including critical central markings plus the absence & presence of pavement markers. The system produces data and results that can be analyzed on a unique data visualization software platform QuickView-Pro.


RMS continues to invest in research and development, to design, engineer and produce high quality reliable technologies that add value for our clients globally. Our team approach continuously addresses individual clients’ maintenance and reporting needs and provide innovative, easy to operate and affordable systems which meet those requirements.






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