PlusCharge provides a range of electric vehicle charging solutions with the resources and expertise to provide financing, bespoke installations and ongoing operations across all areas.  

PlusCharge is the sole UK supplier of the Ingeteam range of chargersincluding AC, DC and Ultrafast, which are manufactured in Europe and have over 25,000 units in operation globally. These are competitively priced and available on a lead-in time that enables fast installation following order. 

Pluscharge supplies DC or AC chargers paired with Media Screens, which operate completely independently of the chargers providing clients with the ability to drive advertising, information and targeted marketing in locations where EV drivers offer a potential demographic. 

Using expertise within the energy supply and distribution industry, PlusCharge can assist with grid connections as well as other renewable energy technologies such as solar PV and battery storage.  

PlusCharge partners with national power supply, installation and maintenance providers together with import and distribution specialists to ensure minimal hardware lead times and installation whilst also providing rapid response times for maintenance and servicing during the operational period.  

Pluscharge offers a Software as a Service using an Industry leading Enterprise Management System (EMS) providing all the functionality required to manage a complex infrastructure of chargers from different sources in multiple locations, plus location owner support, driver services and ability to dynamically manage all energy requirements. An App to fully integrate with site or corporate apps to provide a seamless service. All of this can be white labelled to provide corporate branding of choice for the system and/or app. 

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