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CoverMe - no ladders required was born after a throw away comment was made by a traffic signal engineer who said “if you can remove ladders from the bagging off process then you are onto a winner”. From that day on I set about designing a new signal bag and CoverMe - no ladders required was born. Our patent pending system allows an operative to install / remove the signal bags without ladders thus removing potential working at height accidents. The product has now expanded and we have new versions including a road sign version and Belisha beacon cover. Both these new versions REMOVE bin bags from landfill which are commonly used by TM companies to bag them off.  Our versions are manufactured from a NEW recyclable material and reusable.

We are now fast becoming the leading company in highways at designing new covers for various issues and have worked with a street lighting department for a london council to REMOVE hazard tape from landfill. Our NEW covers go over cut down street lighting columns, it  totally seals opening  of wires and Sharp metal edges, has information on to alert the public of who is dealing with the issue and is manufactured from a NeW recyclable material.  

Now Siemens Rail / Network rail have discovered our road sign version and now using them. We have exported our first trail in New Zealand with enquiries coming in from all over the globe. 

We have also manufactured products to meet end of life schemes and electrical cabinets to name a few. 

Our customers now include Balfour Beatty, Siemens rail, SRL, Morrisons, Agility Alliance, Colas,  Scott Parnell and many traffic management companies all trying to REMOVE working from height accidents and be more environmentally friendly. We will work with our customers and design / develop new versions to meet our customers  needs. 





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