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Advanced Infrastructure develops and provides spatial analytics and digital twins for the energy transition. The company helps local authorities, distribution network operators and consultants to plan the rollout of low carbon infrastructure. 


Advanced Infrastructure’s Local Area Energy Planner Plus (LAEP+) is a web-based geospatial intelligence tool currently being used by local authorities, including Project Local Energy Oxfordshire and energy networks, including Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks to support the siting of low carbon technologies such as EV charge points and the creation of decarbonisation strategies across transport, heat and generation.  

LAEP+ is supported by a range of energy and carbon datasets which help identify and triage opportunities to decarbonise. Examples of the datasets include street furniture, electricity network data, pavement suitability, conservation areas, demographics and likely use of EV charge points. 

Our data scientists are always working to identify new problems and data solutions to blockers in the Energy Transition, such as inferring the availability of space for residents to park and charge EVs at home or the suitability of pavements for on-street charge points. 

In the most recent report published by the Cabinet Office's Geospatial Commission, Advanced Infrastructure’s LAEP+ tool has been featured as a viable solution for EV demand modelling and local energy transition planning .  

Benefits of LAEP+ include: 

● Overlay, analyse and export- Create custom maps populated with hundreds of datasets and run browser-based analysis to identify and evidence the suitability of different sites for low carbon energy interventions. 


● Filter and shortlist-Search & filter across the map to triage potential sites and shortlist opportunities.  


● In-browser analytics- Translate climate action plans into specific projects & volumes of assets, baseline current potential for low carbon technologies and view data as exportable charts, graphs, tables and maps. 


● Data Overlays- Overlay dozens of LAEP+ datasets: PV potential, public transport accessibility, EV utilisation, EPC, UPRNs and more. Upload your own data to view and store. Access electricity network capacity information. 

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