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Technology is evolving at a crazy pace – yet one thing that’s remained constant is the inherent need to carry, connect and protect it all. Regardless of which technologies come and go, Targus helps you seamlessly integrate tech into your lives to provide you with everything you need to live, dream and do.

For more than thirty-five years, Targus has been implementing purposeful solutions to provide you with the tools you need to succeed – from laptop bags to tablet cases to peripherals and universal docking stations. We are leading the way with innovations such as sustainable products removing PET bottles from the ocean and landfill, or protecting people from harmful bacteria with UVC and antimicrobial technology in everyday accessories. Our insight-driven approach, global reach and commitment to quality ensures we have the skills and experience to meet your performance, style and protection needs – whether you’re a large enterprise, a small business, school, education institution or an individual who needs to get work done.

Our mission drives us, our passion fuels us and our customers make us everyday, inspired.