Reflecting Power

Seminar Sponsor

"Empower your team to achieve extraordinary results and foster a culture of well-being where people thrive with Reflecting Power. Our Powerful Conversations methodology offers a fresh approach to school leadership and collaboration, grounded in philosophy, linguistics, and biology. Proven effective in schools and the public service, our methodology helps you become a more astute observer of human interactions and skilled communicator. The subtle yet profound changes you'll make to your everyday conversations will shift the trajectory of your school culture and empower your team to exceed expectations. You’ll be better equipped to deliver on the values, behaviours, and strategic plan of your school. Past participants have reported substantial improvements in their ability to give and receive feedback, get delegated work done on time, resolve conflicts and complaints, and manage their own moods. With our approach, you can shift your being and presence as a leader through ‘second-order’ learning, expanding what you see as possible. We use experiential and action-based learning approaches and work with schools that recognize the value of extended engagement. Led by our senior coach, Ian Higginbottom PCC, a former introverted scientist turned successful startup CEO, our team is committed to empowering school leaders and education executives."