Diamond Sponsor

Intel put the silicon in Silicon Valley. For more than 50 years, Intel and our people have had a profound influence on the world, driving organisations and society forward by creating radical innovation that revolutionises the way we live. 
Today we are applying our reach, scale, and resources to enable our customers to capitalise more fully on the power of digital technology. Inspired by Moore’s Law, we continuously work to advance the design and manufacturing of semiconductors and other technologies to help address our customers’ greatest challenges. You’ll find Intel solutions and services serving as the building blocks of organisations’ digital transformation globally.
We work with education leaders to empower students to learn the skills necessary for the Fourth Industrial Revolution job market; create innovative learning experiences in and outside of the classroom; and support technology-enabled curriculums with teaching toolkits, programs, devices, and other resources. And the list goes on and on, across the organisations that we serve.
As a global leader in technology and innovation, Intel is committed to working with decision-makers and educational leaders worldwide to address their challenges. With our employees and customers, we’re creating a world of opportunities.