Azendian Solutions

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Azendian Solutions is an Artificial Intelligence, data science solutions and operations technology company established in Singapore.    We champion software and application-based solutions as the way to improving productivity and sustainability in the 4.0 digital economy. Azendian contributes to smart city solutions, with a current focus on Education and the Built Environment.

Our AI Campus solution is an Enterprise Data Analytics Platform that provides a 360-degree view of each student, allowing every Higher Learning Institution to progress each learner to their fullest attainable potential and optimise institutional resources.

The success of our Campus solution is demonstrated by its implementation and ongoing projects in Singapore’s top universities and the unified platform all 5 local polytechnics, serving 8 out of 14 Higher Learning Institutions in Singapore.

Built for non-data science trained users, our solution leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically Machine Learning, coupled with pre-built assets which include data models, analytics (machine learning) models, and dashboard templates, to help users get more value out of data. With a wide array of modules that cover a student’s lifecycle and beyond, learning institutions can expect to gain recommendations on candidate selection and acceptance, predict student progression and even adopt intervention strategies recommended by the system.

Our teams deliver with integrity, ingenuity and impact.