Zohar Cohen | Director Sales
Juniper Networks | Australia

Zohar Cohen, Director Sales, Juniper Networks

As Director, APAC at Juniper Networks, Zohar is responsible for developing solutions and strategies that drive the adoption of Juniper Mist’s Mobility solutions throughout the Asia Pacific. With over two decades of experience introducing disruptive technologies, Zohar is passionate about working with customers and partners to assist them in understanding how Juniper's technology could be leveraged to deliver improved business outcomes and superior customer experiences.
Zohar holds a BSc in Computer Science and a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration. Zohar lives in Sydney with his wife, son and daughter.


Day 1 @ 12:30

Transforming the Campus Experience with AI

Everyone is talking AI, and it can be difficult to determine what is fact and what is fiction. More importantly it can be challenging to determine the real benefits that AI can bring. But in IT, AI is very real and has been delivering quantifiable benefits for years.While some are just beginning their journey to AI-driven IT, Dartmouth College is on the forefront.In this fireside chat Zohar Cohen, Director of Sales, APAC, Juniper Networks will have a candid conversation with Mitch Davis, CIO of Dartmouth College on how AI is helping him to achieve his vision for the Ivy League University.
last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25 GMT
last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25 GMT
last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25 GMT

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