Timothy Boettcher | Head of North America, MaivenPoint

Timothy Boettcher, Head of North America, MaivenPoint, MaivenPoint

Timothy has over 20 years of experience in helping organizations and institutions tackle complex business transformations to achieve true success with collaborative technology.
Specializing in digital transformation, productivity, information management, governance, and automation, Timothy has successfully led modernization initiatives across various industries and technologies, ranging from large Government nationwide online service transformations in the public sector, to cutting-edge blended online learning enablement in education, through to complex business process automation and knowledge management in the commercial sector, and much more.

Timothy turned his sights to Education in 2015 where, working together with a leading PBL polytechnic in Singapore, he spearheaded a visionary initiative to leverage Microsoft collaborative cloud technologies together with AvePoint’s development and automation expertise to create the first LMS that natively (and seamlessly) supports PBL-based HyFlex (hybrid/blended) learning with familiar Microsoft tools. This blended LMS solution became AvePoint’s first EdTech offering – Curricula – which kick-started the “MaivenPoint” multi-solution platform and business operating globally today.

Still involved with the transformational role of hybrid technology both in and out of the classroom, Timothy has written numerous online articles, hosted Appathons in conjunction with Microsoft, and spoken at industry events such as KMworld, ARMA NOVA, 365EduCon, and SharePoint Saturday.

Timothy is a Microsoft Certified Professional and has a Masters in Business Information Systems from the University of South Australia, and currently resides in Washington D.C. Metro Area, having previously lived and worked in Australia, Singapore, and Tokyo. In his free time, Timothy enjoys long-distance running, travel, photography, and the quest for the perfect coffee.


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