Dr Tim Sharp | Chief Happiness Officer
The Happiness Institute

Dr Tim Sharp, Chief Happiness Officer, The Happiness Institute

Australia’s very own ‘Dr Happy’, at the forefront of the positive psychology movement and founder of the happiness institute.

A bestselling author, Tim has three degrees in psychology (including a Ph.D), is a regular on Australian and International TV and is widely regarded as a leader in mental health. Covering concepts such as resilience, coping with change and applications of positive psychology, Tim delivers the fundamentals of how to live a happier existence, complete with practical tools and easy-to-apply methods.


Day 1 @ 16:40

Get Dirty! The health, wellbeing and learning benefits of accepting and embracing imperfection and failure

Most of us like to be clean; to be comfortable and safe. Most learners think that “being correct” and “getting things right” is the ideal. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this mindset, it neglects the reality that perfect is not possible all the time, while imperfect is an inevitability that’s not nearly as bad as many think it is. In fact, accepting and embracing imperfection, psychological “dirtiness”, can be a path to happiness and success! In this keynote, renowned Positive Psychology expert, Dr Tim Sharp, will outline how and why “getting dirty” should be a part of life for all in education, and how and why you can practice this sometimes-uncomfortable approach. 

last published: 29/Mar/23 04:45 GMT

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