Tim Kitchen | Senior Education Specialist - APAC

Tim Kitchen, Senior Education Specialist - APAC, Adobe

2021 is Dr Tim Kitchens 30th year as an educator. Following 23 years teaching Primary, Secondary & Higher Education, Tim has been Adobes Senior Education Specialist for Asia Pacific for the past 8 years. He regularly liaises with schools & universities focusing on enhancing creativity in education. He also manages the Adobe Education leadership and active use programs throughout Australasia and helps lead the Adobe Education Exchange (https://edex.adobe.com) which now has over 1 million members. A passionate advocate for creativity in education, and a well-recognised education thought leader in Australia, Tim is a regular presenter for a wide range of national and international education events. Find out more about Dr Kitchen via http://bit.ly/tim-kitchen


Day 2 @ 11:35

Inject creativity in all curriculum areas with Adobe

Adobe software is used at the highest level of the multimedia industry but now Adobe have wide range of digital creativity software that can be used by any educator in any curriculum area and by any student. This practical hands-on session by Dr Tim Kitchen from Adobe will demonstrate how and why teachers around the globe are using a range of Adobe tools to engage their students and enhance digital literacy, communication &creativity skills. Dr Kitchen will also share a number of key free resources to help teachers and student make the most of their Adobe apps in the learning & teaching process.
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last published: 02/Aug/21 07:26 GMT
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