Tamsyn Rosenberg | Founder And Chief Executive Officer
Alive Project | Australia

Tamsyn Rosenberg, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Alive Project

Tamsyn Rose has over 15years experience in performance coaching and Leadership facilitation.  Founder and CEO of two of Australia’s leading Mental Wellbeing organisations, Get Real International and Alive Project, she not only has mastered the skills required for successful leadership she is on the leading edge of Wellbeing Education and Performance Psychology.  Working with 300 executives and over 12,000 employees each year.  In addition Get Real and ALIVE workers with over 60,000 students and 350 sporting clubs across Australia and personally supports over 500 families each year. 
An Internationally recognized expert in mental and emotional health, Tamsyn has been revolutionizing how we understand emotional resilience and empowerment.

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