Steve Crapnell | Head of Digital Pedagogy
All Hallows' School

Steve Crapnell, Head of Digital Pedagogy, All Hallows' School

Steve's role includes researching, developing, and presenting professional development opportunities for staff that examine effective pedagogies that are supported by emerging digital technologies. Areas of interest include implementing mastery learning, assistive technologies for developing an accessible and inclusive classroom, utilising Teams and OneNote as an effective and efficient learning platform and engaging with social and emotional learning strategies (SEL). All Hallows’ staff have been successfully implementing Teams and OneNote as part of a responsive teaching practice that engages with effective feedback, construction of learning episodes and responding to learning by adjusting teaching strategies. Steve is currently utilising a mastery approach in his Mathematics classes and his most recent publication was in the Independence Journal (AHISA), titled ‘Reflecting on a Mastery Learning Approach.’  Over the last few years Steve has presented at various state, national and international conferences examining pedagogical approaches that are well supported by digital platforms. All Hallows’ School is a Microsoft Showcase School and Steve was one of the inaugural Microsoft Educator Fellow’s in Australia.

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