Shane Wilson | Principal
Marble Bar Primary School

Shane Wilson, Principal, Marble Bar Primary School

Shane Wilson is a dedicated school principal with 28 years of teaching and leadership experience. As the principal of the small, remote Marble Bar Primary School, located 185km from Port Hedland, he was named as an Australian Schools Plus Teaching Fellow and Commonwealth Bank Teaching Award recipient in 2022, transforming the school into a national leader in culturally responsive STEM education. With a commitment to two-way, collaborative leadership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Shane has led the alignment of the CSIRO's Two-Way Science Integrated Program with the local Nyamal community and the Australian curriculum and developed Marble Bar's Virtual World gallery, teacher development centre, astronomy centre and language centre. These centres use virtual reality and drone technology to preserve and showcase endangered Indigenous languages and is being celebrated by numerous agencies, and shared locally and internationally. In 2022, Shane represented Australia in culturally reponsive STEM teaching and learning at the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards. The Marble Bar Virtual World was subsequently named as the Asia Pacific's Public Sector Digital Innovation solution for 2022. This is in addition to the school being named as Australia's leading First Nations education program in an Australian school in 2023.  Shane leads a team of cultural, educational and technical stakeholders, achieving many accolades including Western Australia's Chevron Australia's Science Engagement Initiative of 2022 and the Western Australian Governor's School STEM Award in 2021. It is Shane's impact in the school's remote area of WA that is most impressive. With a focus on nurturing student leaders to share their Nyamal culture with other intercultural groups and schools, he has helped language and culture to flourish and sparkecd newfound pride, respect, and engagement in his students and the local community.  

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