Dr Sandy Heldsinger | Assessment Expert
Brightpath Progress

Dr Sandy Heldsinger, Assessment Expert, Brightpath Progress

Sandy is the co-creator of Brightpath Progress, a first-of-its-kind assessment tool that enables teachers to assess writing accurately and efficiently. Dr. Heldsinger has extensive expertise in writing assessment and moderation, standardised testing, and formative classroom assessment. She has worked in state and national testing programs, lectured in Masters level courses in educational assessment, and developed a range of resources to support teachers with effective formative assessment. 
Dr. Heldsinger, together with Dr. Stephen Humphry, undertook 10 years of research and development to find a way of assessing writing that includes the advantages of marking rubrics, automated essay scoring, and comparative judgements but avoids their limitations. Brightpath Progress provides an intuitive display that helps teachers quickly understand what their students can do now, and what they need to learn next. With clear next-step teaching points, Brightpath Progress helps teachers focus on what students need to learn to make real progress.


Day 2 @ 12:00

PANEL - How can we reverse the trend of declining writing standards?

Let's explore how implementing effective digital writing assessments can lead to improvement in students' writing abilities and better support teachers in their writing instruction. 

last published: 08/Jun/23 03:25 GMT

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