Samuel Harris | Aws Educate Program Manager
Amazon Web Services | Australia

Samuel Harris, Aws Educate Program Manager, Amazon Web Services

Samuel is based in Singapore and leads the EdTech Programs across Asia Pacific for Amazon Web Services. The AWS EdStart program is designed to support the ideas and entrepreneurs in the EdTech sector so they can build and scale their businesses. Samuel is passionate about EdTech and understands the challenges unique to the industry. He is often sought as an expert on tech startup ecosystems and judge for prestigious edtech competitions across universities in the Asia Pacific region.


Day 2 @ 14:30

Real support for growing Australian EdTech companies

Growing an EdTech Startup is truly hard work, but vital to support learners across the globe. AWS recognise the needs of early stage EdTech companies and provide unique programs for them. Join us to learn why AWS truly believe EdTech Entrepreneurs are such amazing people and how they can help you in building an MVP and connecting to the world
last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25 GMT
last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25 GMT
last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25 GMT

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