Ryan Noonan | stem.T4L Learning Leader
NSW Department of Education | Australia

Ryan Noonan, stem.T4L Learning Leader, NSW Department of Education

Presented by the NSW Department of Education's stem.T4L Team! The stem.T4L project provides trial kits, resources, professional learning and support to Public Schools across NSW. The stem.T4L project empowers schools to teach students the skills they need to solve the problems of tomorrow.


Day 2 @ 14:00

The Power of VR in the Classroom

How can you introduce virtual reality (VR) into your school? Join the stem.T4L team to discover the true power of VR as a creative and dynamic way to get your students to tell stories and share experiences. See it empowering students across the curriculum to tell stories in new ways, create new artworks and explore or share local or global experiences. It is a huge opportunity for teachers in all areas to look at how creating with VR can bring new opportunities and ways to work for their students.WHY ATTEND
  • Understand how it has never been more relevant to connect and see the world in new ways.
  • Learn that VR creation is a new and valuable skill for students through the highlighting of authentic application by schools, cultural organisations a broad range of industries.
  • Learn to get your head around where VR fits in your school and how to inspire your staff to engage with this new medium
  • Find out how NSW Public Schools can access resources including the support of the stem.T4L team to make this happen in your school.
last published: 29/Oct/20 05:25 GMT
last published: 29/Oct/20 05:25 GMT
last published: 29/Oct/20 05:25 GMT

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