Rowan Tulloch | Lecturer in Digital Media and Interactivity
Macquarie University

Rowan Tulloch, Lecturer in Digital Media and Interactivity, Macquarie University

Dr Tulloch's research looks at the techniques through which video games train player behaviour, and how this can be applied to non-gaming contexts. He is also a lecturer in digital media, video gaming and gamification at Macquarie University.
He is a national award-winning lecturer, receiving a prestigious Australian Awards for University Teaching Citation in 2016. In that same year he won a highly competitive Optus Future Makers Grant for his work on using gamification to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged youth. Rowan is a big believer in the power of play to entertain, engage and inform.


Day 1 @ 12:40

The Gamification of Tertiary Education - Using alternate reality gaming and gamification techniques to increase student engagement

  • Best practices for combining play and pedagogy in a university context
  • Methodologies for designing educational games and puzzles
  • How to build intrinsic motivation rather than rely on extrinsic reward
  • Moving beyond points and achievements
  • What gamification can and can’t do
last published: 27/Jul/21 06:25 GMT
last published: 27/Jul/21 06:25 GMT
last published: 27/Jul/21 06:25 GMT

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