Rosemary Conn | Chief Executive Officer
Schools Plus

Rosemary Conn, Chief Executive Officer, Schools Plus

Rosemary is the inaugural CEO of Schools Plus, with extensive experience in the business and not-for-profit worlds. She has worked closely with schools, corporations and the community to bring about positive change in previous roles with Beacon Foundation, Good2Give Australia and Deloitte.
Under Rosemary’s leadership, Schools Plus has connected with over 25% of disadvantaged schools in Australia through programs, workshops and inquiries; and created major partnerships with foundations and corporates to support innovative programs that generate long-term change in schools and the wider education system.
In addition, Rosemary was the Co-Chair of Philanthropy Australia’s Education Funder Network (2016-2018), facilitating conversations focused on what works and advocating on behalf of disadvantaged schools. She has made submissions to various forums, including the Review to Achieve Excellence in Australian Schools (Gonski 2.0 Review), and presented at conferences and events to raise awareness of Schools Plus and the needs of disadvantaged schools. Rosemary was named as one of the Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence in 2019, was featured in the 2019 NSW Inspiring Women showcase, and was an NFP Executive Director finalist in CEO Magazine in 2022.


Day 1 @ 15:20

PANEL - Ignite STEAM learning & 21st century skills

It’s more important now than ever to engage students in learning, get them interested in STEM/STEAM subjects, cultivate a growth mindset and instill a love for lifelong learning and to do that, we have to rethink our education systems. Learning through play cultivates the physical, intellectual, emotional and creative abilities of students by developing 21st century skills such as collaboration, curiosity and creativity. Hear about the importance of hands-on learning and purposeful play in the classroom to prepare students for the future.

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