Rekha Koul | Associate Professor, School of Education
Curtin University

Rekha Koul, Associate Professor, School of Education, Curtin University

Rekha is an experienced Educational Leader, with a Doctorate in Science Education and 30+ years of international experience as an academic, researcher, practitioner, and leader, with extensive program management, publication and supervision experience. Currently, she is Deputy Head of the School of Education and Discipline lead for STEM. Her expertise lies in the development, refinement, and validation of questionnaires; investigations of the effects of learning environments on student outcomes; evaluation of educational programs; teacher-action research aimed at improving their environments and evaluation of curriculum. She secured many local, national, and international research grants to the value of over 2.5 million dollars including three funded by the Australian Research Council. Rekha convenes an International Conference on Science, Mathematics and Technology Education (icSTEM), a biannual conference in different parts of the world.  She has established a Learning Environment Research Centre in Indonesia.   She was the elected chair of the Jumki Basu Scholarship (NARST 2016-18) and is Chair of Learning Environment SIG (AERA).


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PANEL - Student’s skills beyond school – what matters most

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